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Instant Marketing Advice for Small Businesses

Looking for some constructive feedback on your small business venture? We’re talking about detailed, personalized advice that you can use right now.

Try our Instant Advice Email Consultation.

This package is designed to help you get answers to your most burning social media, marketing & design questions — the ones keeping you up at night — and get you moving on your project immediately.

I’ve helped clients:

  • Start a new blog with advice on the best platform, design & content strategies
  • Get more attention & gain more followers on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Tumblr
  • Develop an online design strategy that truly represents their business


Working with Sarah was a terrific experience.  She’s extremely knowledgeable and gave me so many helpful resources, hints, tips and advice to help me set up my website. I appreciated that she was able to help me via email.  Since my schedule is a little inconsistent, I knew I could contact her whenever, and she’d get back to me in a timely manner.  Being a visual person, I also appreciated having lists, links, and a plan that I could constantly refer back to.” — Tara Chapman, Movie Bites

“Within 2 months of incorporating Sarah’s tactics, I started to receive orders on Twitter, Instagram & Tumblr and saw my Facebook page likes increase by 500%! I now have a much better understanding of all the various social media networks and how I should be using them the most efficiently. I no longer feel so overwhelmed and am able to focus more on creating art instead of wasting hours fumbling online hoping to make an impact on my business.” — Melissa Smith, Melissa Smith Art



  • Clarity & Focus — I’ll help you work through your ideas to form a strategy and give you the confidence to move forward in a clear direction.
  • Ideas — Once we develop a plan of action together, I’ll give you some ideas to start making things happen right away.
  • Resources & Recommendations — I’ll send you a list of resources that will save you time & money and inject your project with instant awesomeness.


  • It enables us to get to work right away — no worries over juggling already hectic work & life schedules to set up phone appointments. 
  • It allows us to go back and forth on your project easily.
  • It lets me keep the price deliberately affordable at $99 – small investment, big results.
  • It gives you a written plan that you can implement immediately — no waiting on call recordings or transcripts.


  • Pay via Spacebox (like Paypal but prettier) by clicking the button below.
  • Send me an email to introduce yourself.
  • Within 48 hours (but probably much sooner), I’ll send you a quick questionnaire so that we can get things rolling with the initial consultation. You’ll then get two weeks of email support to help you get your project started right.