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7 Reasons Why Every Job Seeker Should Blog: A Mini Case Study

I’m happy to share this recent project I collaborated on with Mark Schaefer. Mark sort of does it all (and I’m not sure how) — simultaneously consulting with Fortune 500 clients, publishing the blog {grow}, writing books and teaching at Rutgers. This was a lot of fun to design I can’t wait for you to check it out.

But first, a mini case study: me.

Blog For Your Job

I am proof that blogging works in getting the kind of job you want. For me, that’s building a one-woman business dedicated to helping people build something great online by being HUMAN. Whether I help clients with their online marketing strategy or design, it centers around that idea.

I worked with clients for over a year offline after quitting my cubicle job but my business really took off once I started blogging. And not just blogging. I started to focus on networking online, mostly by commenting on marketing and social media blogs, offering my perspective on different topics, but more importantly, learning from other great minds in my industry.

One of those blogs was Mark Schaefer’s {grow}. Mark and I developed a conversation over several months in the comments section, which led to an email conversation, then a chat over the phone. And now we’re collaborating on projects like this Slideshare presentation.

The takeaway for you? Blog your way to the job you want — whatever it is.

So here it is: 7 Reasons Why Every Job Seeker Should Blog

Read it, enjoy it, download it at the end! Then share it with someone who needs the inspiration to blog for their job.

  • Kamil Rextin

    Completely agree with this. For me a blogging or writing like I call it (I am old school maybe?) not only puts my own thoughts and learnings into prespective but it also allows me to meet some wonderful people. A related post by Ryan Hoover from the Valley:


    • Thanks for sharing, Kamil. 🙂

    • Thanks for weighing in, Kamil. You’re right. There are great advantages to blogging, the best of which I think is meeting great people. Nice piece by @rrhoover:disqus. Thanks for sharing!

  • Jenelle Daniels

    Thanks for this Sarah!! Great advice. I just returned from #blogher2014. If you haven’t done this industry conf, consider it. I’m inspired to keep working on my blog and goals. Best wishes!!