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Introducing Uncommon.ly (Plus a Launch Day Giveaway!)

We’re excited to announce the launch of Uncommon.ly — a new venture dedicated to injecting humanity into a digital world.

Moments like this deserve a big celebration so we’re giving away a free consulting package PLUS offering everyone a very special discount on our Instant Advice email consultation at the end of our launch party here.

But first, a little bit more about who we are and why we’re here…


We’ve seen how the Internet has changed the way we all do business, giving small businesses and entrepreneurs access to the same technology tools that big brands have (this is an amazing thing!). At the same time, we’ve also begun to see a trend — small businesses missing this unparalleled opportunity to create and enrich relationships with their customers, instead using the Internet as a virtual bullhorn to broadcast their messages or having a “set it and forget it” strategy.

Simply being online is not enough. You need a strategy.

What We Do

Enter Uncommon.ly — we handcraft custom social media + design solutions for remarkable small businesses and entrepreneurs. Our solutions help you stand out in a sea of sameness online, making you more human to your customers AND making you more money along the way. Intrigued? Click here to learn more about all of the Services we offer.

Free Inspiration
In addition to the services we offer, we’ll share FREE IDEAS each week on the Uncommon.ly Blog — social media + design strategies, case studies and tutorials crafted for the do-it-yourself entrepreneur that wants to take their online presence to the next level.

Making Your Inbox A Little More Awesome — the Uncommon.ly Newsletter
We worked hard to create a newsletter that people would want to read. So not only will you get updates from our blog, you’ll also get a weekly roundup of our favorite Books, Music, Apps and Grown Up School Supplies. It’s all designed to inspire you to be uncommonly good in your work. And it’s a big way we’re working to inject humanity into a digital world.


So that’s us. Now let’s get on with the party!

Instant Advice at a Special Price
We wanted to do something BIG to celebrate the Uncommon.ly launch. Something that would introduce the world to everything we have to offer AND help as many small businesses as possible right away.

That’s why we’ve decided to offer our Instant Marketing Advice package at a very special launch price. This package is personalized, detailed advice to help you get answers to your most burning social media, marketing & design questions right now.

Normally, you’d pay $99 but for a limited time we’re offering a $40 discount, making the package $59. Check out what you’ll get:

  • Clarity & Focus — I’ll help you work through your ideas to form a strategy and give you the confidence to move forward in a clear direction.
  • Ideas — Once we develop a plan of action together, I’ll give you some ideas to start making things happen right away.
  • Resources & Recommendations — I’ll send you a list of resources that will save you time & money and inject your project with instant awesomeness.

That’s a small investment with BIG results. Click here to learn more about the Instant Advice Launch Special. But hurry! The price will go up after Friday, April 19.

Win the Instant Advice Package! 

We’re also giving away one Instant Advice package (a $99 value) to a very special person who needs help on a business project.

How to Win:

Leave a comment and tell us about your project/business that needs some Instant Advice. Feel free to share a link to your site if you have one.

We’ll evaluate your responses (so make ’em awesome!) and announce a winner on Friday, April 12 here on the site.

**Update: 04/12/2013: Congratulations to Shayne Mitchell on winning the free consulting package. We’re excited to help her with her new Etsy business!**


This has really been a labor of love and we’re proud to finally share it with the world. Welcome to Uncommon.ly.

  • This is awesome!

    • sarahsmason

      Thanks, Ersula! I appreciate your stopping by and checking us out.

  • Congrats on the launch, Sarah! I’m so excited for you! I know you’re gonna rock it!!!!

    • sarahsmason

      Thanks, Laura! Your support means a lot!

  • Congrats on the launch!

  • I’m here from Tara at Movie Bites! She is so impressed with your work, so I knew I had to stop over and check things out! Congrats on your launch……….looking forward to following along!


    Georgie Emerson Vintage

  • Hi, my friend Tara from high school highly recommends you! You did a fabulous job over on movie bites! I have recently started an etsy business but my technical skills are very much lacking.

    • Hi Shayne! Thanks and welcome! Hope you’ll keep coming back for some social media + design inspiration for your Etsy business.

  • Congrats on getting this out. Great design!

    • Thank you, Chris — I appreciate it very much. Created the site with Headway and a lot of Counter Culture coffee. 🙂