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My 9 Month Overnight Success on Medium

This isn’t a “how to” about going viral. Or how to dominate Medium.com. What it is, though, is a story of what I learned after one of my articles got a lot of attention there overnight (literally). I wrote an article for my blog back several months ago about challenging the conventional wisdom surrounding social media. ItContinue Reading

The One-Page Content Marketing Plan

Learn how to create a one-page content marketing plan for your small business in 6 simple steps. This guide includes a free download (with no email opt-in!) to get you started today.Continue Reading

Do More of What Works

When it comes to online marketing, there’s no shortage of advice on what you need to do to succeed. A quick inquiry from Google displays over 15 million results. Take your pick. It’s easy to find contradicting advice too. For every “10 Steps to Online Fame & Fortune” blog post there’s a “8 Things You’re DoingContinue Reading

The Complete Beginner’s Guide to Creating a Website

Learn how to create a well-designed website with no coding or design experience for under $100. It’s all here — how to register a domain, choose a website platform and theme and host your site. Continue Reading

Here’s Why You Should Start a Blog

This is part I of a 3 part series I’m writing to help you start blogging. Don’t want to miss the series? Sign up to receive my articles in your Inbox. **** Here, in one sentence, is why you should start a blog: You have ideas (everyone does) and you can publish them for FREE for theContinue Reading