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My 9 Month Overnight Success on Medium

This isn’t a “how to” about going viral. Or how to dominate Medium.com. What it is, though, is a story of what I learned after one of my articles got a lot of attention there overnight (literally). I wrote an article for my blog back several months ago about challenging the conventional wisdom surrounding social media. ItContinue Reading

Do More of What Works

When it comes to online marketing, there’s no shortage of advice on what you need to do to succeed. A quick inquiry from Google displays over 15 million results. Take your pick. It’s easy to find contradicting advice too. For every “10 Steps to Online Fame & Fortune” blog post there’s a “8 Things You’re DoingContinue Reading

Here’s Why You Should Start a Blog

This is part I of a 3 part series I’m writing to help you start blogging. Don’t want to miss the series? Sign up to receive my articles in your Inbox. **** Here, in one sentence, is why you should start a blog: You have ideas (everyone does) and you can publish them for FREE for theContinue Reading