The Best Place to Create

A few years ago, my husband and I moved from sunny Florida to our tiny town outside of Charlotte, North Carolina — trading sugary white sand for 3 acres of mostly undeveloped forest land. We live in the country. And by country I mean “no Target for 25 minutes but hey, there is a Piggly Wiggly down the road a piece” country.

An artist’s dream? Well, no. But it is a great place to raise a family so I’m building my business here.

I write and design from my little guest room/home office in my 1,000 sq. ft house in a tiny town of 7,000 people outside of Charlotte.

There are no co-working spaces for creatives or hip local coffee houses where people hang out on their MacBooks all day.

But solitude? I have spades of it here in my tiny town. And that’s what I need to create.

My home office
My home office

A place and time free of distraction (with a 3 year old associate that means early mornings or late nights).

I surround myself with things that inspire me. Books, artwork, photos. I always have a notebook and a favorite pen close by.

And then I write and design and build my business from desk in my little house.

Yes, we arteests dream of the perfect creative space — the cabin in the woods or the house at the beach or the spacious studio in our house. We’re convinced we’d do amazing things if we lived in New York or L.A. or Paris.

There's nothing wrong with any of those scenarios (I still dream of them too).

But the best place to create something that matters is where you are right now. Your cubicle. Your kitchen table. Your home office. Your backyard. Your hometown.

What will you create today?