HOW TO: Get More Notes on Tumblr


Today, I'm sharing tips to get more notes on Tumblr -- one of my favorite social media sites here at Tumblr is a micro-blogging site that caters to visual content -- especially photography and design -- and short-form posts.

One of the best things about Tumblr is that you can have a well-designed blog up and running within minutes. And if you're trying to reach an audience ages 18-34, Tumblr is a great place to engage with them, considering that demographic accounts for nearly half of its 100 million users.

In Tumblr, there is no public follower count. Instead, the emphasis is on Notes -- Likes (good) and Reblogs (better). Likes are bookmarked (often not publicly) on a user's Tumblr while Reblogs are shared on a user's Tumblr and appear on the Dashboard -- the Tumblr Feed -- of their followers.

Here are three steps to help you get more Notes and expand your reach on Tumblr.

1.) Have a clear content strategy and publish great stuff. First, decide what type of content you'll post. Then, make it really, really good. Your Tumblr can be devoted to your original work or curate things that inspire you. Or it can be a hybrid of both, which is what we recommend. On my Uncommonville Tumblr we focus on publishing content that inspires people to work and live remarkably. It's broad enough to give us freedom in what we post but also provides a focus for our content -- everything revolves around that central concept, whether it's a quote (we post a lot of those), photography or a short essay. We share our own creations as well as things we find online that inspire us.

Need some content ideas? Check outTumblr Explore to see popular Tags (Tumblr's system of categorizing topics across the site).

Tumblr Etiquette: Be a good citizen of the online world and ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS give proper source credit if the content isn't yours (we do this by linking to the source in the caption).

2). Publish your best content during peak traffic times. Tumblr traffic peaks Sunday, Monday and Tuesday between 7pm and 10pm EST and on Friday nights.* (Considering the 18-34 user demographic, this should come as no surprise.) So, post 1-5 times every day (starting after 4pm) and publish your best content during peak those traffic times. Take advantage of the scheduling features in the Tumblr Dashboard and queue up posts in advance so that you can publish consistently.

3.) Tag, tag, tag, tag. Tag.

Tagging your posts is the number one way to be found on Tumblr when you're first starting out and don't yet have a lot of followers to repost your content. Always tag your posts but be relevant (never, ever Spam!). And use multiple tags from across categories to help users find you better. Not sure what tags to use? Use the Explore page on Tumblr to see an updated list of popular Tags.


Work through the three steps outlined and track your success (and any patterns) in getting more Notes over the next 4 weeks. Here's some questions to ask along the way that will help you refine your content strategy.

What types of posts (photography, quotes, short-form text posts) received the most Notes?

When (day & time) did your posts receive the most Notes?

What tags were used on the posts with the most Notes?


Do you have a Tumblr? Share it in the comments below. Then report back and let us know how you've done!

*Tumblr traffic statistics can be found in this 2012Bitly Report.