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30 Free Stock Photos of Real People


A Short Introduction to this Curated Collection

As a writer and designer, I spend many, many hours each week searching the vast corners of the Internet for awesome stock photos that, well, look nothing like stock photos. So I know first hand how time-consuming and frustrating of a task that can be.

You’ve been there, right? It’s hard to find free high-quality photos of real humans doing human things.

It can be tempting to use bad stock photography. Please don’t.

This resource will help. I’ve curated a collection of 30 of my favorite Flickr photos of real people, free for you to use with a Creative Commons license.

Just click on each photo to go directly to the original download page.

And please, be a good citizen of the Internet and attribute each photo properly.

thomas_hawk_eight_400x245thomas_hawk_fourteen_400x245.jpgthomas_hawk_ten_400x262thomas_hawk_nine_400x262.jpgthomas_hawk_eleven_400x266thomas_hawk_seven_400x266thomas_hawk_five_400x266thomas_hawk_400x266thomas_hawk_two_400x266thomas_hawk_one_400x266thomas_leuthard_thirteen_400x266.jpgthomas_leuthard_twelve_400x266thomas_leuthard_eleven_400x266thomas_leuthard_ten_400x266thomas_leuthard_five_400x266thomas_leuthard_seven_400x266thomas_leuthard_four_400x266thomas_leuthard_three_400x266.jpgOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAadam_lerner_one_400px adam_lerner_two_400px.jpg adam_lerner_four_400x266 Adam Lerner adam_lerner_five_400x266 adam_lerner_six_400x266 adam_lerner_eight_400x266 adam_lerner_nine_400x266 adam_lerner_seven_400x266 adam_lerner_ten_400_266

Photo Credits:

Photos 1-10 Courtesy of Thomas Hawk on Flickr (Creative Commons license)
Photos 11-20 Courtesy of Thomas Leuthard on Flickr (Creative Commons license)
Photos 21-30 Courtesy of Adam Lerner on Flickr (Creative Commons license)

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