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Selling Magic

What working for Disney taught me about selling magic.   Once upon a time, in a nondescript office park far, far away, I was an official Walt Disney World vacation planner. Stationed in a call center, my sole job was to help people book as many experiences in advance as I could. We started taking calls atContinue Reading

How to Really Get Paid Doing What You Love

Developing the mindset to build a sustainable, human-centered business on the Internet A friend recently asked me what my favorite kind of work was. We’re both building online businesses after a decade of “working for the man” and are still reveling in the fact that we’re making a go of it on our own. I’veContinue Reading

10 Reasons to Blog Even if No One Reads It [Infographic]

Blogging consistently can be a daunting proposition for anyone, whether you’re an entrepreneur running a full-time business or a parent chronicling the everyday adventure of raising kids. I’m speaking from experience here (take a peak at my archives and you’ll see what I’m talking about). And let’s be honest with each other for a moment. ItContinue Reading

The Best Place to Create

A few years ago, my husband and I moved from sunny Florida to our tiny town outside of Charlotte, North Carolina — trading sugary white sand for 3 acres of mostly undeveloped forest land. We live in the country. And by country I mean “no Target for 25 minutes but hey, there is a Piggly WigglyContinue Reading